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There are two paths the Sabres could take this offseason, and which one of the two is correct is up to the individual. Path A is one of immediacy which consists of the Sabres looking to upgrade their top 6, specifically the right win position, ASAP. There are targets the team could make outside the almost endlessly mentioned obvious candidate who shall not be named to save the sanity of some wh... Read More »

Tim Murray is the Anti-Regier

Posted March 24, 2015
In the middle of true panic and hysteria setting in during the 3rd period of the Sabres Stars game last night when it looked like the Sabres were going to gain more useless points in their quest for a guaranteed top 2 pick, amid the joy of the Stars pulling out the regulation win, the Tyler Myers dead horse was revived and then beaten again. Two important notes before I go on. There are people... Read More »

The Evolution of Johan Larsson

Posted March 17, 2015
Johan Larsson’s career in the NHL had mimicked a yo-yo since the Buffalo Sabres traded for him from the Minnesota Wild. At the time of the trade, he was thought of on a wide ranging scale, from quality prospect destined to make an NHL impact to a pseudo throwaway with the Wild fans laughing that he wasn’t Zucker or Coyle. What was once thought of as a haul for Jason Pominville had turned into... Read More »

Ghosts of the 2013 Draft

Posted March 14, 2015
Seeing the highlights of the Calgary Toronto game last night and the tremendous performance (amid the embarassment that is the Maple Leafs this season) of Sean Monahan and his line, it had me thinking back to the 2013 draft. The Buffalo Sabres needed forward help in the worst way. The situation was dire, although in hindsight, dire would only be an applicable word to their forward situation as... Read More »
The contracts the Sabres have on the books for the 2015-2016 season, by position. LW – E. Kane $5.25M, M. Moulson $5M, Foligno $1.875M, Deslauriers $.6375M (the only full position) [b]TOTAL $12.7625M[/b] C – Z. Girgensons $.894167M, J. Larsson $.950M, C. McCormick $1.5M [b]TOTAL $3.344167M[/b] RW – T. Ennis $4.6M, C. Hodgson $4.25M, B. Gionta $4.25M [b]TOTAL $13.1M[/b] D – Z. Bogos... Read More »


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