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"Speaker of the Senate"
Ottawa, ON • Canada • 21 Years Old • Male
The Day of Reckoning in the National Hockey League has arrived as Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final between the Los Angeles Kings and the New York Rangers kicks off tonight. And it must be said again: what a dream match-up for the NHL, as its two biggest markets get set to do battle on its biggest stage. The league’s growth-and-revenue train just seems to keep on chugging. Anyway, back to th... Read More »
NHL rumours are abound these days, particularly concerning questions as to whether or not the Ottawa Senators will trade captain Jason Spezza. Interestingly enough, the discussion here seems to be more geared toward when Ottawa might trade Spezza, with hardly any consideration of whether they even should trade him. Evidently the rationale behind this potential move is clear: many affirm that Spezz... Read More »
Round 1 has officially come to a close, thus inaugurating the annual first wave of NHL Playoff MVP speculation. Undoubtedly, there are those who will claim that it’s simply to early to judge, but we’re pretty sure that even such purists secretly guess-timate as to which first round fire will keep burning. What can we say, we simply can’t help ourselves. With that, here in no particular order... Read More »
As the hockey world awaits the fate of Matt Cooke for his knee-on-knee hit on Colorado's Tyson Barrie, it is perhaps worth taking a minute to think about the legacy that Cooke's career has shaped over the past decade or so. Upon doing so, one may discern certain obvious patterns - the object of this post. Think for a minute about what that word 'pattern' really means, for it connotes more than jus... Read More »


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I am a lover and appreciator of all things NHL.

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My first Senators game with my dad and brother, as well as my first away game and first playoff game.

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