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Happy Independence Day! Here we are, a few days into Free Agency 2014, and guess what? The Flyers have not made any crazy big trade, or signed an aging free agent past his prime to a deal worth too much money. What is going on here!? This is what happens when the salary cap limit works against a team. We have not been used to seeing anything like this in a few years. Sure, the Hartnell for Umberge... Read More »
Just got home from attending my first NHL draft, and it was definitely worth it to go check it out, especially with it being Round 1! I unfortunately will not be attending any of the draft tomorrow. Anyway, so the 1st overall pick came and went, and the Flyers were not the team on the clock as there had been a lot of speculation about for the past few days. The final offer appeared to be Lecavalie... Read More »

My Thoughts on Scotty for Umby

Posted June 25, 2014
To say that this has been an uneventful offseason ALREADY for the Flyers is far from the truth. June 23rd strikes again, and I think this year, it was highly unexpected. I couldn't believe my eyes when I was at work on Monday at Noon, and I saw a Twitter notification flash on my phone, and just like that, the first major surprise in the Hextall era! Hartnell to the Blue Jackets for former Flyer R.... Read More »


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