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Leaf Trade Idea's

Posted February 14, 2015
I cannot wait for the trade deadline/start of next season for the leafs. I have been coming on hockey buzz and hoping everyday that the leafs make a huge blockbuster trade! I thought just for fun.. I would list some trades that I would love to see for the Leafs right now. Boston-Subban Toronto-Reimer,Winnik,Leivo Toronto to go along with a rebuild needs a good goalie prospect waiting to c... Read More »

Leafs Rebuild!

Posted January 4, 2015
Some might agree or disagree with the comments I am about to make.. But, that's what this site is all about! I have been a Leaf fan long enough to be sick and tired Of the roller coaster. Especially after the last 5 years of play.. I think Burke is a good GM but.. He ruined this hockey team. Brought in the 2 worst players on this team (Phaneuf and Kessel) and then his side-kick Nonnis signed t... Read More »

Projected leafs lines

Posted July 15, 2014
With all of the free agent signings, And the players coming up from the Marlies I thought it would be a good time to discuss/debate the leafs lines come the regular season.. Do you think Reimer and Franson stay? Traded? What young guns are coming up to the big club? This is the starting lines IMO feel free To debate. Line One: Kessel,Bosak,JVR. This one is obvious. One of the top producin... Read More »

Leafs need to do this

Posted June 26, 2014
Honestly I think us toronto fans need to understand.. We're not even close to a good enough team to win the cup.. And we don't have the prospects coming up to help us... If kessel, Reilly,jvr and bernier are our keepers.. We should get to the number one at whatever cost!! Try to keep our number 8.. Maybe ph9, Kadri,lupul, gardiner(this one hurts I know) Franson Reimer maybe a couple prospects.. Do... Read More »


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