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Predictions Round 2

Posted April 24, 2007
Again for your reading pleasure.... Sabres over the Rangers in 6 Senators over Devils in 6 Sharks over Red Wings in 5 Canucks over Ducks in 6...maybe a homer pick but you have to follow the heart at times. Rangers will surprise some as they are much better than advertised. Sens will do great as they are crazy hungry for the first time ever. Sharks are a damn fine team and should be ab... Read More »


Posted April 12, 2007
Can you believe how the Canuck/Star game ended? How many games that go into 3+ overtimes end on a nice goal? I mean really.....Hank is not a very likely hero as he barely scores any goals...but a nice looking goal? Same with the Shark victory over the Preds, great goal in overtime....not common but I am glad it happened. Lets hope day 2 will be as good! Read More »

Predictions, Round 1

Posted April 11, 2007
For your reading pleasure: Western Conference Detroit over Calgary in 6 Anaheim over Minnesota in 6 Vancouver over Dallas in 5 San Jose over Nashville in 6 Eastern Conference Buffalo over Islanders in 5 (should go with a sweep...but will throw the Island a bone) New Jersey over Tampa Bay in 6 Rangers over Atlanta in 5 Ottawa over Pittsburgh in 7 Take these to your bookie and t... Read More »