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Oilers Power Play

Posted July 25, 2016
What if we don’t get a Right Handed Power Play specialist? There is a very real possibility right now that the Oilers will not be adding any other major pieces. The Oilers are currently sitting at 46 of 50 contracts. Generally you want to leave yourself some flexibility for future moves. So what happens when this is the roster we go into the season with? I’m purely going to look at the P... Read More »

Taylor Hall

Posted July 4, 2016
Taylor Hall I’ve had made my peace now with the trade. On our podcast http://soundcloud.com/downtownhockey/episode-12 I finally, after almost a week got it off my chest. I think it’s time now to reflect. For me Taylor Hall was the first truly talented player I witnessed develop. I am too young to remember the years of Gretzky, Messier, etc. I remember Doug Weight, but I don’t remember... Read More »

EDM - RFA's & UFA's

Posted June 28, 2016
It`s been an interesting year for RFA`s. There are a few curious names that did not receive a qualifying offer. On the Edmonton side it`s not too surprising who is being released. Gazdic, Cracknell, Lundstrum, and Kessy were not part of the future. I am sad to see Jumanji (Gazdic, because he looks exactly like Robin Williams in Jumanji) go. I heard he was a very positive presence in the dressi... Read More »

Looking for D

Posted June 27, 2016
I just want some D. Is that really so much to ask for? Apparently so. The Oilers have been in need of a top defenceman since Pronger left town. We have seen different attempts at acquiring this defenceman that we so sorely need. There was Whitney, Souray, Visnovsky, Petry, and Gilbert. What did all these players have in common? None of them were top pairing defencemen, most were one dimension def... Read More »


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