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All Habs, All The Time, Game 11

Posted November 1, 2014
Greetings, [b]Habs vs Canucks[/b] The road trip ended with 3 points in 3 games. That's not horrible but before they embarked on this western Canada road trip I had thought that the Habs would be happy with four points. Now let's dig into that fiasco of a game in Vancouver. The powerplay continues to struggle, and once again it was held off the scoresheet on the road. Therrien refuses to c... Read More »

All Habs, All The Time, Games 9 & 10

Posted October 29, 2014
Greetings, Sorry for the delay in blogs, but after the Edmonton game I was tired and more than a little irate. That being said, here's my view on this Albertan road swing so far. [b]Habs vs Oilers[/b] There are games you win that you shouldn't and then there are those you lose that you should have won. Make no mistake, the Habs were the better team even though the outcome was one-sided. L... Read More »

All Habs, All The Time, Game 8

Posted October 25, 2014
Greetings! [b]Habs vs Rangers[/b] Before I start I need to rant a little. WTF is up with CBC/Sportsnet with only playing Leaf games on Hockey Night in Canada?!? Seriously, if I wanted to watch a mind numbing show I would turn on the Kardashians and slowly wait for my brain cells to die. It would hurt less... Now on to the Habs. You would have to go back 50 years to find a start this... Read More »

All Habs, All The Time, Game 7

Posted October 21, 2014
Greetings, [b]Habs vs Wings[/b] So this edition of the Habs has done something that hasn't been done since the 77/78 season, which is to win 6 of 7 to start a season. This torrid pace might not be sustainable for 82 games, but every point now is money in the bank when things get tight near the end of the season. I'll be the first to admit I began to feel a little doubt during the 3rd peri... Read More »

All Habs, All The Time, Game 6

Posted October 18, 2014
Greetings, [b]Habs [/b][b]vs [/b][b]Avs[/b] Before I get into the actual game, I would like to say congrats to Pierre Gervais on 2500 games in the NHL. I've never heard of an equipment manger as loved, nor a team throwing one a ceremony before, but hats off to the Habs on celebrating what has been a hard working and accomplished career so far. Keep in mind he's won a cup and an Olympic gold... Read More »


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