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There are two types of hockey fans, those that are irked at the concept of a Southern team winning a cup (ie. Carolina, Tampa, Dallas, to name a few) and those that aren't. As a hockey fan, I'm tired of hearing what team "deserves" to win the cup based on the amount of fans a team has, or how devoted these said fans may be. This is professional sports. The NHL, as is many sports, is based on... Read More »

Ducks and Red Wings: A Preview

Posted May 9, 2007
Well, it looks like both teams of the Western Conference finals have earned their position as the top two teams in the west. A good amount of people have predicted Calgary to emerge from the first round. Even more predicted the Sharks would emerge from round two. Even if everyone were to predict the Ducks, I'd still have a source of worries from a Detroit team that absolutely refuses to sit dow... Read More »


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