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Future Roster Dictates Trades for Leafs

Posted February 6, 2016
Taking a look at the potential line up and who will be contributing to the overall rebuild next year and years to come it gives us a better idea of what trades will happen now and in the off season. I don't see any rush in trading guys with term left as I see them helping the kids in a mentor ship type role. Take Lupul and Bozak for example, we can almost guarantee Lupul will get hurt at some po... Read More »

The Only Trade That Must Happen

Posted June 5, 2015
The Toronto Maple Leafs are a big bag of mess, but with the likes of Shanahan and Babcock guiding two out of three of the most important positions I feel pretty comfortable we are moving in the right direction. The trade talks swirl around the core of the leafs and rightfully so, they haven't meshed the way they should or performed to the best of their capabilities. For me, the scorched earth rebu... Read More »
Its no surprise to anyone that the Leafs roster will look significantly different come the start of next season, I thought it would be fun to throw my couch potato GM’ing out there for others to read about. Not all of these would work together but all would be improvement for both teams. New York Islanders: Target: Griffin Reinhart + Josh Ho-Sang + Nikolai Kulemin Trade: Phil Kessel + Jake... Read More »

Babcock Thoughts From a Leaf Fan

Posted May 18, 2015
I’ve been back and forth on whether or not I think getting Babcock is a “Must” for the leafs. One thing is for sure and that is Toronto needs a complete make over in how desirable they are to free agents, coaches, scouts and anyone else in the industry. I think about teams like the Yankees in baseball, players want to go to New York because it comes with an air of respect and dignity from ot... Read More »


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