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Radulov gets one game

Posted April 14, 2007
Nashville Predators' forward Alexander Radulov recieved a one game suspension by the NHL today following a vicious hit from behind on San Jose's Steve Bernier in last nights game. The real question here is whether or not Radulov deserved more time for the incident. Read More »

Hartnell gets off clean

Posted April 14, 2007
Nashville Predators' forward Scott Hartnell will not recieve a suspension after taking his second game misconduct of the 2007 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Cheechoo took a blow to the knee in game #1 which resulted in Hartnell's first game misconduct. In last nights games, he was involved in a scuffle, however according to TSN, the league determined that he was in fact involved in the inital altercation a... Read More »


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