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The Forsberg Deal in Retrospect....

Posted April 23, 2007
[b]By D. Smith:[/b] Well, hindsight is always 20/20, but I believe the deal was worth making. Also, you have to remember that injuries played a role that no one saw coming. Bringing in Forsberg was supposed to secure three incredibly talented lines in Nashville. (in no order) the 3 centers were supposed to be Forsberg, Arnott, and Legwand. The 6 surrounding wings were supposed to be Kariya, S... Read More »
[b]By D. Smith:[/b] This has been quite a year for Predator fans. The 0-3 start. The 7 game road win streak. The climb to the top. The Al Strachan "Get Out of Nashville" article. The Forsberg trade. The Tootoo/Robidas incident. The Nashville/San Jose exchanges in the playoffs. What a year it's been. And it seems like it's been an awfully long one. I feel like the loyal Pred fans have, sor... Read More »
That distinction belongs to the 2006-2007 Nashville Predators. Of course, there have been teams over the years that have been much worse away from home, but this is different. We were actually led to believe that this was a team built for a serious Stanley Cup run. No way. The Preds were 23-15-3 on the road this year. Sure, it doesn't seem too bad at first glance, but a little look into thei... Read More »
[b]By D. Smith:[/b] Sure I'm a member of the Nashville Loyal Legion, but it doesn't take an expert (which I'm far from) to realize that the Preds/Sharks series has had all the makings of a classic playoff series. Fights. League reviews. Suspensions. Bad blood. Double overtime. Coaches exchanging words. You name it. Should we really be surprised? Two 51 game winners meeting in the first... Read More »

Oh, Hypocrisy

Posted April 15, 2007
[b]By D. Smith[/b]: Remember a couple months ago, way back in the pre-Forsberg dark ages, when media outlets all over North America were calling for the Predators to leave Music City? Supposedly our chronic attendance problems were dooming our franchise, and simply put, our fan support was "lukewarm". We didn't deserve this team. We didn't appreciate the great product that David Poile, Craig Le... Read More »


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