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The psychological game

Posted April 8, 2008
Hockey, like any other sport, is a psychological game as much as a physical one. Those who doubt this have only to look in the direction of Washington to see what an infusion of confidence and "get-out-of-our-way-or-suffer-the-consequences" mentality can do for a team - that and a top goal scorer. So it was with glee that I read the articles posted on the Internet and in the newspapers regardin... Read More »
It was ugly, brutish, and nasty. The Carolina Hurricanes handed a flat-footed Ottawa Senators team a resounding defeat by a score of 5-1 on Sunday. And it couldn't have come at a better time. With nine games remaining in their regular season, the last eight against division rivals, the bitter medicine that the Senators had to swallow on Sunday is just what the doctor ordered. "Sometimes, it's g... Read More »

News from the Eastern Front

Posted March 16, 2008
With most teams now around the 10-game mark before the playoffs, battles for the top spot are fierce and today's games could see a lot of shifting in the Eastern Conference standings by end of day. The New Jersey Devils maintained their hold on first place with a 4-2 win against an injury plagued Colorado Avalanche team, in which goalie Martin Brodeur had to be sharp in order to garner his 40th... Read More »

Back to "The System"

Posted March 13, 2008
When Dean McAmmond was benched by coach Bryan Murray in Los Angeles, he was given an assignment to watch the team, and tell the dressing room what he noticed was not working. It seems that coach Murray had been right all along in his "get back to basics" approach. McAmmond reported back that the Senators had "wandered so far from our basis system, that we forgot what it feels like to execute that... Read More »

Is the Swiss finally in?

Posted March 11, 2008
He's been called the Swiss Cheese for what is perceived as his sometimes lackluster performance. But does Gerber really merit the nickname? His play of late is vintage Martin Gerber, and many have acted surprised at his steady play. No he's not flashy, no he's not flamboyant, but boy, can he be solid... like the Swiss Alps? His beginning in the NHL as back-up goalie to Jean-Sebastien Giguere wa... Read More »


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