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"This just in Tootoo now more hated than Jeremy Roenick's spare arse."
Bedford, TX • United States •
Most, if not all, will pick the Blues to advance to the Western Conference Finals. It's going to be tough for the boys in Victory green but not impossible. Here are 5 reasons I'd put my money on Dallas.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1.... Read More »
Like many gamers, I have been waiting on the roster update for NHL 08. We all assumed it would be out in a reasonable time. Well it has finally come out [b]3 weeks after the trade deadline[/b] and it's full of glitches. Systems lock up, connections drop, and lineups are full of holes. The Stars, my favorite team, and the Sharks (the other team in the Pacific) only have 11 forwards. These are s... Read More »


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About Me

Favorite Teams

Stars, Mavs, Rangers, and Saints. Other NHL teams I like Habs, Bruins, and the Caps lately. Jumped on the AO bandwagon about a year ago all other teams are way below the Stars though.My Cowboys jersey was mothballed when TO arrived. I've got a nice Colston Jersey I wear on Sundays now!

Most Hated Teams

Used to hate the AVS alot but that had to do with Roy mostly. Yeah he was damn good that's why you hate em. Can't stand the Red Wings they are also good so I respect them just can't stand em.

Favorite Players

Still have a Morrow Jersey with no A or C on it. Have like the guy since he got here. Jere Lehtinen is a pretty important part of the Stars. Ribiero is becoming a fan favorite. Still love me some Derian Hatcher even though he left the Stars. Derian may not have much playmaking skill but he'll always be one of the most feared on the ice. Robidas and Hagman have always been hardworkers.

Most Hated Players

Litte TooToo, Patrick Roy, Jeremy Roenick, Brian Marchment, Hasek.

Best Hockey Memories

Stars and Avs western Conference finals. Watching the OT games in the Stars cup year. The triple OT game 6 in Buffalo. The Stars stanley cup parade. I was luck enough to be in the building and see Mikey Mo become the Stars all time leading scorer.Being in the building for the Stars recent 4 OT series clinching game 6 against the Sharks.

My Hockey Teams

I play with the Alers a d league team in Grapevine.

As a hockey player, I compare to...

I'd like to think I emulate Jere dial down his offensive skill a lot and I'd be there. I try to work hard.

Favorite HockeyBuzz Bloggers

Bill Clement and Daniel Tolensky. Met Panger a couple of years ago at the AAC he's a pretty cool guy.

Favorite Websites

Hockeybuzz, Sturminator.blogspot.com, ESPN.