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Pacific Division Breakdown:

Posted February 7, 2020
After tonight, there is no reason why the Sharks could not make a push into the playoffs. Sure, the division has many competitive teams, but none are taking control of their destiny. The Canucks lost to an outdated Minnesota roster, and to make things worse, Pettersson missed the game due to a lower body injury. Jay Beagle and Jake Virtanen were injured as well, but came back after missing a ha... Read More »
There is no question that the Winnipeg Jets have been lucky to find themselves in playoff contention given the multiple missing pieces on their blue line. It was no surprise that the big man, Tyler Myers left town in pursuit of a lucrative deal with the Canucks. However, the loss of Dustin Byfuglien was a bit more surprising. Despite having a number of good seasons with the Jets, big Byfuglien... Read More »

Leafs and Kings Trade: Analysis

Posted February 6, 2020
So it would appear that Dubas decided to make the trade for a goalie sooner rather than later, which was the correct call. I had anticipated a deal, but the Kings' Jack Campbell was not on my radar. The 28 year old American-born goaltender recently came into some additional games as the Kings have been treading through some difficult waters with their core has slowed down significantly. Camp... Read More »

Vancouver Canucks: Playoff Hopefuls

Posted February 5, 2020
In an extremely tight playoff race, the Canucks have managed to find themselves atop the Pacific division with a very unsettling three point lead. The young Canadian team finds themselves with 65 points, followed closely by the Oilers, Knights, Flames, and Coyotes who are all within 5 points of the Canucks. With five teams battling to win the Pacific division, none of these teams can afford to... Read More »

Toronto Maple Leafs: Goalie situation

Posted February 5, 2020
The Toronto Maple Leafs find themselves outside the playoffs, despite having one of their most talented rosters in a number of years. The young General Manager, Kyle Dubas, made it clear that he was more than willing to pay up for his extremely talented young core. However, in doing so, he has neglected the backup goalie position, and an injury to Freddy Andersen, has left Toronto fans eager for... Read More »


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