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Winning Knocking

Posted October 14, 2019
The second week of the regular season has come and gone in the hockey world, and for the Blue Jackets, success has followed. Last week, the Blue Jackets got their first victories of the season, against some of the league’s early success stories. The Jacket’s first victory of the season came over the Buffalo Sabres, by the final score of 4-3 in overtime. The Jackets got on the board earlty w... Read More »

CBJ- Rookie Mistakes, Game Three

Posted October 7, 2019
It has been a short while friends, so let us recap on the pre-season that was, the first couple of games of the regular season, and previewing tonight's upcoming matchup against the Buffalo Sabres at the Nationwide Arena, back at home. Let's look in the rearview before we do the preview. Pre-Season: Final Cuts; Dubi Disappearance The roster dwindled down to two spots for the spares betw... Read More »

CBJ G1 v Toronto

Posted October 4, 2019
We are ready for the first game of the season for the Columbus blue jackets as they will be taking on the Toronto Maple Leafs live at the nationwide arena at 7:00 PM Eastern time on Fox sports Ohio and TSN . Tonight‘s contest is the home opener and the first game of the season which means new roof and new experiences and moments for the blue jackets club, and their first time in the regular... Read More »

2019-2020 Pre-Season Edition 1

Posted September 16, 2019
Hello everybody in support of the Union Blue. It has been a busy summer for myself, hence for my inexistence of writing blogs for the hockey world to see. Now that things have calmed down personally, I am back and returning to the rink just like the team is. So, let us get caught up with the team, shall we? Let us start with a flashback and reflection on the past before we talk about the presen... Read More »

CBJ Game No 6 v Philadelphia Flyers

Posted October 18, 2018
October 18, 2018 The Jackets are in a gritty metropolitan division battle tonight against the Philadelphia Flyers. The Flyers and Jackets are similar and different in a lot of ways. The Flyers and Jackets have young offensive groups, but they Flyers is stronger; they both have elite young defensemen, with the Jackets more prominent, and the Flyers having more in numbers; and both having top yo... Read More »


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