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The Great MacT

Posted March 22, 2015
First this great comment from a winning coach. My Favorite quote of the year. "All those beautiful stats, they're not worth nothing once the score is up there and the game is over. That's the most important stat and tonight they got one goal more than us," Bob Hartley (as per TSN) after out shooting Columbus 40-26 and loosing in overtime. Ok with that out of the way, lets tal... Read More »
Oh the Advance stats. How far they have come. From a bunch of non-jocks writing blogs to the NHL publishing them on nhl.com. Some call it a major advancement. Other say who really cares. I fall into the who cares side of it. While they might have some use, I think too much value is being put in these number. A good example of this is the Battle of Alberta. I live right in the middle of it so I... Read More »
So much talk about how to fix the Oilers but I keep hearing he same ideas. When you have been this bad for this long it is time to think out side the box so here are some suggestions on how to fix this real quick.rnrn1) Hire Mike Milbury as an Assistant GM and let him run development. Since development has not been a strong point for this team for so long, why do it. His knack for identifying youn... Read More »


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