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Another year has passed and once again Alexander Mogilny has been passed over for being inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame. Why? What am I missing? Mogilny once scored 76 goals in 77 games. He scored 473 goals total. He scored over 1000 points. He battled through broken legs and chronic hip pain and still played at an elite level throughout most of his career. Mogilny was blessed with an incred... Read More »
Back in the 1990s, the Detroit Red Wings were a powerhouse. Excellent drafting, smart trades and shrewd free agent signings kept this team at or near the top of the league for two and a half decades. 4 Stanley Cup wins. 6 Stanley Cup Finals appearances. They were the envy of the league. Admired and hated. The infamous 1989 draft yielded Russian gems Sergei Fedorov and Vladimir Konstantinov. Slava... Read More »

Remembering the Oilers Dynasty

Posted March 30, 2020
During this down time my hockey fan mind has been wandering. I'm left thinking about games from the past. I think about great teams like the legendary 1980s Oilers. Any hockey fan who lived during this time remembers this infamous juggernaut. Lots of fans jumped on the bandwagon and enjoyed an amazing ride. The rest of us were jealous but respected how great those Oilers teams really were. I recal... Read More »
It's hard to believe it was 21 years ago but I remember it like it was yesterday. The Red Wings were coming off winning consecutive Stanley Cups and second year GM Ken Holland was trying to make it 3 in a row. The season wasn't going smoothly as the Red Wings seemed disinterested at times. Lazy, complacent and some bad habits were setting in. The team needed a shake up. There was no Salary Cap i... Read More »
It's been painful being a Detroit Red Wings fan during the Jeff Blashill era. Year 5 of "The Process" has made me vomit more than the fat kid in the movie "Stand by Me." That's essentially what Steve Yzerman is doing this season. Standing by a lame duck head coach he never hired in Jeff Blashill. Yzerman is burning his team to the ground so he can have less than a 20% chance to draft some kid nam... Read More »


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