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"Bad Hab-its"
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Koivu wants to stay

Posted May 16, 2007
So after much speculation, as well as some harsh words earlier from Koivu stating he has no desire to be part of a re-building team, he has stated that we wants to remain a Hab and to part of the solution that brings a winning attitude back to Les Habs. Well, to do that, some changes have to be made, and one of them in particular needs to be made to show Saks the team is serious about winning, an... Read More »

The Koivu maneuver

Posted May 9, 2007
So the latest talk is trading Koivu away. While this makes a modicum of sense if the return is someone along the lines of Vinny, I for one cannot see it taking place. You can question his skill set, or his physical size, but I think it’s shortsighted, even ludicrous to question the heart and passion this Finn brings to the rink. In the past 3 years I have not missed one Habs game, believe me... Read More »


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