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The Minnesota Wild have traded forward, Tyler Graovac to the Washington Capitals in exchange for a 2018 5th round pick. To me, this is a good trade for both teams. For Washington: they could use help on the lower lines, and have an extra guy come in and help them out if they are going to win the cup next year. For Minnesota: The Wild don't really need Graovac, who was playing in the AHL at t... Read More »

When will the next trade be?

Posted May 22, 2017
When do you think the next NHL trade will happen? Read More »

HockeyBuzz Poster Vote Off Game

Posted August 27, 2016
Game Starts Now: Each player has 2 positive votes and 2 negative votes per day. To vote you must be in the game and i can also vote and so can Eklund if he wants to. other than me and Eklund, you have to be in the game to vote. So each person starts with 10 points, and if you vote, you have to vote 2 positive votes and 2 negative votes. You can vote -2 for one person and +2 for another, or y... Read More »


Posted August 26, 2016
This is a game for people, so you can rank who is more of a hockey fan. each person starts with 5 points, and the point number will change. each person may only vote once, and the first person to get to 50 points wins. there will be 13 people that you can vote for, and each person can only vote once. you don't have to be in the 13 to vote, and if you are you can still vote, but you can't vote f... Read More »


Posted August 26, 2016
You can rank them from 1 to 5 for who is more of a hockey fan. you may not vote for yourself, but you can vote. if you are one of these 5 posters on hockeybuzz.com, you can vote for the other 4 in order. each person can only vote once, and anyone other than me can vote. The winner's prize is the fact that they are more of a hockey fan than the others, and this is how it will work: If you are... Read More »


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