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Collecting Keepers

Posted September 4, 2016
09/04/2016 Once in a while we will be fortunate enough to witness a goalkeeper such as Matt Murray arrive in the NHL at a very young age and make an incredible impact, circumstances can instantly create hockey heroes. All players start to hit their stride at different points in their career; a good poolie watches closely to recognize indicators. I have been interested in following player... Read More »

Allow Myself To Introduce Myself

Posted September 2, 2016
09/02/2016 Hockey, Hockey, Hockey. I waste a lot of my life reading hockey articles, following hockey writers and researching hockey players. I’m at the point where I’ve decided to put my thoughts down on paper, even if they are just for me. I have always enjoyed writing, but could very well find out in a hurry that I am quite lousy at this blogging thing. Turning a hobby of reading into... Read More »

No Rewarding Losers

Posted July 19, 2016
07/19/2016 Welcome to my first ever blog, I hope you enjoy. I remember a sense of relief coming over me when the Leafs won the draft lottery. Excitement and anticipation have taken over since, but at that time it was simply relief. Relief in sports is the worst; it usually means even though you can always sink lower, rock bottom is so very close! Hockey fans love to hate the Leafs, bu... Read More »


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