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My Pre-Season Power Rankings

Posted October 2, 2007
[b][u]Power Rankings[/u][/b] 1) Anaheim - Stanley Cup champs deserve this position. Also, I am convinced that the young core of Getzlaf, Perry and Ryan up front will grow tremendously this year. 2) Detroit - I am big fan of Mike Babcock. One of the more creative coaches in the league. 3) Ottawa - This a pick I am not 100% sure about, but too much offense to argue with. 4) San Jose - If the... Read More »

Some Trades I Would Consider

Posted June 29, 2007
[u][b]Ohlund for Ryder[/b][/u] This trade makes sense to me. The Canadiens are not going to sign Souray (and why would they). Ohlund could come in at a good price and replace Souray. Ohlund is big and has good offensive / defensive abilities. A better package for less money. Ryder fits the bill of a scoring winger to play with Morrison and Naslund, and probably could be signed for around w... Read More »

Silent In Colorado...For Now

Posted June 26, 2007
For the most part the hockey rumor mill has been void of much discussion about Colorado and their involvement in the free agent sweepstakes. There has been a little pen given to the possible signing of Drury, but as I said, not much. However, I think Colorado may surprise everyone with a few big moves. Let me offer a few reasons why they will be players and why top free agents would consider the... Read More »


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