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"The Dark Ranger"
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The Rangers Reclaim

Posted February 14, 2008
It is official! Blueshirts Goalkeeper Henrik Lundqvist has signed a six-year contract extension of $6.875 million per season. No more speculation on free agency after this season, our very own Olympic gold-medal winner can no longer be distracted with contract matters. The Rangers just bought you and we all can now reclaim your old moniker "The King." Or at least, here's hoping. This is the... Read More »

One Last Thought....

Posted June 7, 2007
...regarding the Stanley Cup. I would like to point out that it is now two hours after Anaheim took the cup and no where in the top 10 stories on Reuters or AP (Associated Press) is there a mention of the NHL FINAL GAME!!!! I have to point out that the #3 headline of ten reads: [i]Bob Barker takes final bow on "The Price Is Right": Barker, 83, took the stage to a shower of confetti and a sta... Read More »


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