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FLYERS!I grew up in Morrisville, Pennsylvania ... which is in Bucks County on the eastern side of the state about 30 miles north of Philly. Growing up my favorite hockey team was the Flyers, because ... well, they just seemed so cool at the time. I was a rebellious young teenager and I identified with the Flyers because of the long hair, beards and fisticuffs (this was way back in the '70's, mind you). Man, life was simpler then. Anyway, I remember loving the Flyers since the FIRST time I heard a hockey game on the radio (play-by-play by Gene Hart, God bless his soul) because it sounded so exciting. Gene just had a way of calling a game that made you feel like you were PART of the action, or right at the rink. Back then the only place to catch a hockey at the time was 560am radio, WFIL (haha!). I believe the first game I heard was the Flyers/Rangers semi-finals the year the Flyers won their first cup. Everyone in the Philly area was absolutely CRAZY about hockey at that time ... and I caught the bug. I've loved the Flyers ever since then ... and I will always love my team, no matter how bad or great they are. (right now we're good, not quite great ... but I see another cup in the near future! ;-) In other sports, I also love the Philadelphia (world f***ing champion) Philies and the Eagles. ;-)

As a hockey player, I compare to...

When I played I was a Tocchet / Holmgren type of power forward ... at least I like to think so. ;-)