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Who's Sick of the Whining

Posted April 26, 2010
For the first few games of the Sabres-Bruins series (besides on NESN, man those guys can't say anything positive about other teams) things were relatively quiet when it came to coaches, players, and commentators taking shots back and forth at each other over scrums and other things that hockey players tend to be involved in. Then, game 4 happened. Yes, officiating was horrible. I, myself, was livi... Read More »
All I hear in Buffalo is, "Why do the Sabres keep losing?" The answer, folks, is not because of poor play. Sure, coming home after the team's lengthiest road trip of the season every fan, including myself, would like to have come out with more than 6 of a possible 14 points, but when you look hard at the trip, specifically the tail end, it's really not as bad as the record shows. The last four... Read More »

The Tyler Myers Decision

Posted October 26, 2009
After 8 games of NHL play, the question surrounding Tyler Myers' future with the Sabres this season needs to be decided after the next contest with New Jersey. I will admit that, in the beginning of the season, I believed that the best thing for Myers' growth would be to have a test run with the Sabres until his time limit expired and then to rejoin his junior team in Kelowna. I could not have bee... Read More »
I know many people disagree with this statement, but I fully believe it, and will vehemently defend it; the Buffalo Sabres are a playoff team. They have the scoring depth, they have the goaltending, and they have right system. Again, many people do not agree, and see the Sabres as a two player team depending on the success of Ryan Miller and Thomas Vanek. This is an uneducated, inaccurate statemen... Read More »

2009-2010 Predictions

Posted August 28, 2009
Eastern Conference: 1. Washington Capitals 2. Pittsburgh Penguins 3. Boston Bruins 4. Philadelphia Flyers 5. New Jersey Devils 6. Montreal Canadians 7. Buffalo Sabres 8. Tampa Bay Lightning --------------------------------- 9. Ottawa Senators 10. Carolina Hurricanes 11. Toronto Maple Leafs 12. New York Rangers 13. Florida Panthers 14. New York Islanders 15. Atlanta Thrashers... Read More »


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Buffalo Sabres

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Sidney Crosby, Daniel Alfredsson, Dany Heatley

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Listening to the Game 5 vs the Rangers on the radio at work. The remarkable 2 year span from 05-07.

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Tim Connolly.

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