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Bruins Surprise Experts

Posted May 5, 2008
The Bruins Eastern Conference predictions before the season were TSN 15th place, Hockeybuzz 15th place, ESPN 15th place, Bruins analyst Mike Millbury 13th place, and Hockey Journal 15th place. All but Millbury had the Bruins last before the season started, and all were miserably wrong. I would like to take some credit, because I had them 7th before the season started. The Bruins ended up coming... Read More »

Bruins game at Fenway... possible

Posted February 18, 2008
There have been thoughts of a possible outdoor game at Fenway Park by not only the fans but also the media. The outdoor game between Buffalo and Pittsburg has drawn a sort of excitement in Buffalo that Boston could use. The Bruins would benefit if they did this at Fenway. As we know there is a lack of interest in the Bruins and an outdoor game at Fenway is just what the Bruins need. This would not... Read More »