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"2 Minutes For Interference"
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League Realignment is a GOOD Idea

Posted July 19, 2007
I was looking over one of my favorite forums and on there was a map showing the locations of all the teams in the league. This picture awoke me (already knew that it was bad) of how unfair the eastern teams have it. These are prime examples of advantages out east. Drury moves from Buffalo to New York... He doesn't really have to move. Gomez moves from New Jersey to New York... Now he DOES NOT... Read More »

Extensions ... Smart or Not?

Posted July 18, 2007
In the new NHL and its all so glorious salary cap (which rises each year so far, and we are now back to pre-lockout salaries) comes new challenges for teams. That challenge being a huge one: Keeping their players under contract and keeping under the cap. Now the cap this year is around 53 million dollars, and I will assume most teams want some cushion room for trades, and extensions. The sal... Read More »


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