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Montreal Training camp

Posted September 12, 2007
Hey there, Finally, across the city, we can feel the nervousness and febrility of everybody. All the talk and chat are centered in only one subject : The Canadians. The passionate optimistist, the everyday pessimist, the young newbies, the seasoned veteran or the expert...everybody and their mama agree on one thing : They can't wait until it really starts! So, let's start with the first m... Read More »

What i'm gonna do...

Posted August 31, 2007
Hey there, Well, this is my first post on Hockeybuzz and I think I should tell you all who I am and what I am going to blog about! So, first off, I am a regular hockey fan (anyone suprised?) and not a hockey insider (...but i wish i was!). I'm your common "living room" DG that knows it all. Well, not to an extend that i will ask for a trade Murray - Sidney Crosby or Brisbois - Marleau and Th... Read More »


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