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Trade Huet???

Posted February 16, 2008
I for one truly beleive we have to move Huet, although for the playoff run he would be the #1 option in net i believe it's time to let Price take the reigns as we have seen what rookie goalies do in the playoffs in montreal. Als Huet will not want to resign in Motreal as he wants the security of being the number 1 guy. Huet will also fetch us quite the return off a trade which we could also use to... Read More »

Habs Make Cuts, Price Stays

Posted October 1, 2007
as per TSN this morning Players sent to Hamilton include Maxim Lapierre, Ryan O'Byrne and Jaroslav Halak. All I can say is that I am in complete shock not only because Price is staying but mostly because Maxim Lapierre is getting sent down. I mean his training camp was pretty good and last year he played very well. I would have prefered sending down Garth Murray but love the decision to keep G... Read More »


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