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Habs: You get what you pay for

Posted August 24, 2013
When the Montreal Canadiens lost to the Ottawa Senators in round 1 of last seasons Stanley Cup playoff matchup, a couple of the teams short comings become unavoidable. While those holes were evident even before then, they seemed to just get bigger. Those two areas were the teams overall toughness and size, but also the teams leadership. It seemed the Habs lacked that type of player, the Alfredsson... Read More »


Posted January 17, 2013
EXT CAP HIT BREAKDOWN (for copying and pasting) Roberto Luongo buyout from CapGeek.com ◦2018-19: $2,534,667 ◦2019-20: $4,298,667 ◦2020-21: $4,916,667 ◦2021-22: $4,916,667 ◦2022-23: $583,333 ◦2023-24: $583,333 ◦2024-25: $583,333 ◦2025-26: $583,333 Read More »


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