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Dirty Play Only by the Flyers?

Posted December 12, 2007
When the Flyer's have received suspensions this year I have not gotten to upset becuase 2 of the 5 have been deserved. Then last night I realized that hockey is a tough sport and the the commissioner and Collin Campbell need to calm down on the suspensions. Las night Sidney Crosby tripped Biron, and he tripped him from behind and Biron was not ready for it. Biron could have been seriously hurt jus... Read More »

Preseason Predictions To Much?

Posted September 20, 2007
Every end of August brings the excitement of the opening days of NHL camps everywhere. The smell of the freshly zamed ice, the first cut made in the ice by the powerful skates of NHL players. But, when camp opens everyone makes predictions. Now I understand they are just predictions but come on people, are they really necessary? Predictions for the new season start after the first time teams ha... Read More »

Playoff Regular Back on Their Game?

Posted September 14, 2007
Last year the Philadelphia Flyer's were the worst team in the NHL. They went through some major shake ups from the front office to who was on the ice. After a drubbing at the hands of the Buffalo Saber's, Bobby Clarke said he was to burnt out to run the team. When Clarke found the door it did not hit him on the way out, it hit Ken Hitchcock who got fired the same day Clarke resigned. Hitchcock pic... Read More »


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