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"My name is Ken and I'm a Leafaholic."
Did I get your attention? Great. I've been reading some pretty hilarious stuff since the ruling by Judge Redfield T. Baum regarding the September 10th auction for the Phoenix Coyotes Franchise. If you haven't heard the ruling you must tell me how you fit your computer under that rock which you must surely reside beneath. Essentially, the Judge has declared that all bids for the team at said... Read More »

Getting some Bang for your Buck!

Posted November 10, 2008
In light of the economic "catastrophe" taking place I thought I'd take a look at which NHL clubs have put their eggs in the most profitable baskets. In the pre-cap era NHL GM's needed to ensure that their payroll reflected the success of their team. For instance, the turn-of-the-century Rangers were a woefully overpaid under-achieving squad, routinely finishing in the bottom 10 of league-... Read More »

Logjam Schmogjam

Posted September 11, 2008
Trader Cliff's opinion of the entry draft mirror's this neophytic blogger's feelings towards the constant worry over the logjam on the Leafs' blueline. There isn't one. Nope. Not at all. I think the reason for this perception stems from the fact that we've all been overwhelmed by the number of roster changes but a quick glance at the depth chart will alleviate our concerns. 1. Tomas Kaber... Read More »
You can probably see where this is going but bear with me. I beg you. Recently we've had some issues with blown calls. Serious issues and seriously blown calls. The one with Detroit and San Jose was unfortunate, admittedly, but let's be reasonable; one point will not lose them the President's Trophy. It will take at least two. But I digress... The incident in Atlanta was borderline ludicr... Read More »

They Know Not What They Say

Posted February 25, 2008
Dear Mats Sundin, I realize that you spend hours in the gym and on the ice every week trying to prepare yourself for the rigours of playing hockey at the NHL level. However, I also know (based on two very reliable sources) that you take the time to read every single comment and post made on this site so I thought I would clear a few things up. First off, I was drooling at the prospect... Read More »


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