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Sutter, The Hit.

Posted October 26, 2008
Oh boy... here we go again. Another player out with a concussion after a great big shot to the head. For those who havent seen it yet (which is highly improbable, as it's one of the biggest hits of the past couple seasons).... [code][/code] After I had a minute to cool down, as any fan would be upset watching their teams top prospect go down in such a way, I started to think about just... Read More »

Hurricanes, The Season So Far

Posted October 24, 2008
So, on to the Hurricanes, who have posted themselves a 3-2-1 record to kick off the season. A respectable record, having only played two home games thus far, but the team has seemed to regress as the season goes on, as opposed to getting better. Obviously I can't recap every game for you here, so I will give you some +/- ratings for players on the season.... +'s Brandon Sutter: While the... Read More »

How The East Will REALLY Look

Posted October 9, 2008
Want a set of predictions that are a little bit off the beaten path? how about... 1) New York Rangers 2) Carolina Hurricanes 3) Montreal Canadiens 4) Pittsburgh Pengiuns 5) Philadelphia Flyers 6) Ottawa Senators 7) Washington Capitals 8) Boston Bruins 9)Florida Panthers 10) Buffalo Sabres 11) New Jersey Devils 12) New York Islanders 13)Tampa Bay Lightning 14) Toronto Maple Leafs 1... Read More »

Hockey Headlines

Posted September 3, 2008
Today's headlines as we head into the new NHL season: [b]Marian Gaborik and The Crystal Groin[/b] Can a young star overcome all odds and finally remain healthy? [b]Thunderstruck[/b] Tampa Bay has made a lot of thunder, but is there any lightning? [b]General Hospital[/b] Peter Forsberg. (Need I say more?) [b]Leafs Suck[/b] again. [b]The Mighty Pacific[/b] Is there a stronger d... Read More »

Hurricanes version 2.0

Posted July 12, 2008
I'm going to begin by saying I'm quite excited for the upcoming season and I really like the moves made by Jim Rutherford to retool the team and it's defence. The Canes have a new look, a few solid prospects, and this is the first season that I can remember where the primary news about the Hurricanes is not about the financial situation. That said, how different are the team rosters this year?... Read More »


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