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"Chicago is Red Rising"
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It was an exciting weekend for fans throughout the NHL, but Chicago die-hards are feeling mixed emotions. Not only have we dropped 6 out of 7 games in December, our record doesn't appear to be improving. That is of course unless immediate changes are put into place by Head Coach Denis Savard. Of course, Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane have stolen the spotlight in their first years of the big le... Read More »

Blackhawks rally with 6-3 win over L.A.

Posted December 13, 2007
It's too bad the United Center was only at 60% capacity Wednesday evening, because the Chicago Blackhawks finally snapped a four game losing streak when they beat the L.A. Kings 6-3 on home ice. Many Blackhawks fans believed this game was a "must win" simply because of the competition not only in the Central Division, but the Western Conference as a whole. Fall behind too far, and you're likely... Read More »

Blackhawks burn Red Wings in 3-2 Win

Posted November 12, 2007
As a Chicago Blackhawk fan, I can tell you the excitement and anticipation I've experienced all day long, but I don't want to ramble on and on and on. Not only was Detroit on the schedule for today, Chicago fans experienced a change up if you will. Rocky Wirtz announced that 7 Blackhawks games would be broadcasted through CSN. The first of course, was televised today with the Hawks hosting the... Read More »
The Chicago Blackhawks have been up and down so far this season, but Denis Savard took action after Sunday's loss against the Predators. Savard stated that the team "needed to change something up". As a Hawks fan, you should know what needed changing after Wednesday's win against Columbus. Three separate Blackhawks defensemen put goals up on the board, none of which were from the point. They we... Read More »

Blackhawks torn apart by Predators...

Posted November 4, 2007
With Nashville and Chicago both looking for 3 straight wins Sunday evening at the United Center, one could only foresee a battle within the Central Division. Even though Chris Mason of the Nashville Predators has received his fair share of disbelief from the fans, he certainly showed his talent tonight against a young Chicago Blackhawks team. Mason finally snapped his 7 game losing streak, hop... Read More »


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