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The Better Conference (So Far)

Posted October 13, 2013
One of the things I was most interested to find out this season was how the West and East stacked up against one another. A number of fans have taken the perspective that the East may have caught up or even surpassed the West, especially now with swap of Detroit and Columbus. Last season, there were no inter-conference games at all -- each conference operated essentially as an independent leagu... Read More »
At the end of every season, I like to crunch the numbers and see what the standings would look like under a number of different overtime and point allocation scenarios. Of course, any adjustments should be taken with a grain of salt (as changing the points system would likely change the coaching strategy, altering the results). Nonetheless, I think this is a good exercise. It can help us get a... Read More »
Hello again. As usual, my compulsions toward both hockey and numbers have led to to create a big ol' NHL spreadsheet, in which every team's record is broken down into its constituent components -- regulation wins, overtime wins, shootout wins, shootout loses, overtime loses and regulation loses. With these numbers, I can run any kind of standings adjustment I choose. While these standings ad... Read More »
CALGARY FLAMES In games that ended in regulation: Record: 32-29 Winning/points percentage: .[b]525[/b] In games that ended after regulation: Record: 5-16 Winning percentage: .238 (5 wins in 21 attempts) Points percentage: .[b]619[/b] (26 out of 42 possible points) So, just to be clear, going 5-16 in overtime is considered more successful and efficient than going 32-29 in regulation.... Read More »
In a 30-team league where 16 teams make the playoffs, the policy of guaranteeing top-3 seeds (or even playoff spots, really) to division winners has always been stupid. But this season, more than any in recent memory, really drives the point home. I’m writing this on Tuesday, March 22, 2012, with the regular season about 90 percent finished. Here’s the NHL top 10 by points accumulated this... Read More »


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