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Hey, What's That Smell?

Posted February 9, 2008
Oh, it's just another stinker from the Washington Capitals against a Southeast opponent at home when they are trying to stake their claim to the division lead. Six days after allowing Atlanta to skate away with two points at the Verizon Center, the Capitals let the Hurricanes regain control of the division in a game eerily similar to that Thrashers loss. The Capitals handily outshot their riv... Read More »

Misplaced Anger

Posted January 31, 2008
The final minute of Washington's loss to Montreal has drawn much debate over the past two days. People (mainly in the Washington camp) are upset that the Canadiens put their top power play unit on the ice in the final minute when they were up 3-0. This is the National Hockey League, full of professional athletes that are being paid exorbitant amounts of money to play hard for a full 60 minute... Read More »

Can't Win 'Em All

Posted January 24, 2008
The Washington Capitals have spoiled their followers lately, instilling an expectation that they will win every game - especially against foes that have worse records. Of course this is a silly notion. But what we have seen from this team is its ability to avoid consecutive lackluster performances, giving us plenty of hope for tonight's rematch in the District. The Caps were, dare I say it, out... Read More »
The Capitals' win over Florida last night moved them to .500, the same exact winning percentage of the top teams in the Southeast Division. Atlanta, Carolina, and Washington each have a point per game, but only the Caps are moving in the right direction. Bruce Boudreau puts the Capitals .500 record into perspective -- the way we've come to expect from the coach who seems to know exactly how to... Read More »
The Edmonton Oilers were 11-2 in the shootout with 18 goals on 40 tries. The Washington Capitals were 0-2 and had allowed 7 goals in 14 attempts. Nothing had to give, but it did, and the Caps skated away with the victory after Olie stopped all 12 Oilers shooters and Matt Bradley scored for the first time in three career shootout tries. The Caps' unlikely victory looked even less possible early... Read More »


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