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The title really isn't as far fetched as you may think. Many, ok most, think we are a bottom 5 team. It is hard to not agree based on what last year brought. Hell the past couple years of decline. But this year has the potential to be different, and by different I mean not as bleak as everyone thinks. Here's why: -New management +/- 0 call it a wash -New Coach with the right system and attitud... Read More »
With the sole intent of expressing my opinion and to raise enough eyebrows to thwart nasty responses; I have decided to write a blog about the Canucks as a whole. The organization, the fans, the forwards, the D, the coaches and oh yeah, the goalie..(s). I will break it up into a two-part series. To be honest, for the better part of the last few years the Canucks have been a great team to follow... Read More »


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