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Culture Change Needed In Edmonton

Posted February 14, 2011
I have been a long time supporter of the "rebuild" in Edmonton, but I was under the blinded faith that we would see a team lose a bunch this season (I had them pegged as 12-14 in the West) but at least we would see a team give it everything they had each and every night. Watching the Oilers play the last 3 or 4 games it is starting to look eerily similar to last season. In case you were unde... Read More »

Am I a true Oilers fan?

Posted August 1, 2007
Through out the past season or two I have rolled with all the punches that have been thrown my way. If anyone has read any of my posts they can attest to me defending the city, the organization, and the players with every single stroke on the keyboard. This past season has been especially tough listening to what seems to be just about very single non-Oiler fan ripping on us. What has transp... Read More »
First off, I know I will get ripped for this, and that's fine with me, but please remember this is just one Oilers fans opinion. Looking back over the years I have been heart broken time and time again when my favorite Oilers got traded away for prospects or left for nothing in return. Oiler fans have been wanting / needing an even ground to compete on. We are finally seeing this come into fr... Read More »