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Reality Sets in down in Leafland

Posted February 25, 2008
My father had a funny way of declaring how smart he was (or thought he was, depending on the situation). He would tap the side of his head and say “I knew there was a reason why I have headaches all the time.” I guess now it’s my turn, because less than a week ago, I indicated that I highly doubted Cliff Fletcher would be able to do anything of significance before the trade deadline.... Read More »

Who has the control in Toronto?

Posted February 20, 2008
I woke up this morning feeling very frustrated. Frustrated with knowing that with every win the Leafs put together in this time before the trading deadline, the makeover of the Leafs becomes a more difficult task for Fletcher. Why? Because Fletcher doesn't have the ultimate say on where this team can go over the next 3-4 seasons. Let me correct myself. He does have control to a point, but... Read More »

The Journey

Posted February 14, 2008
While, I'm not an overly big fan of the no trade clause, it does afford the bearer of such a clause the right to say no, just as Redden did last week. But, let’s make no mistake about it; there is a marked difference in the situation surrounding Wade Redden versus that of Mats Sundin. Wade Redden is much closer to winning a cup in Ottawa than Mats is in Toronto. Redden has said that he believ... Read More »


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