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Buckle Up. • Turkmenistan • 27 Years Old • Male

About Me

Favorite Teams

Flyers, Blackhawks, Sharks

Most Hated Teams

Penguins, Rags, Sens, devils

Favorite Players

Captain Canada himself Mike Richards, Rod the bod.grew up loving leclair and recchi, primeau is a give in. pj stock was always one of my favorites as well

Most Hated Players

Cindy, Avery, Chris Neil. As a flyer fan i also grew up hating Tie Domi and Matthew Barnaby. Also not a huge fan of Jagr

Best Hockey Memories

Simple.1- Philly vs Toronto, Sami Kaps gets knocked loopy, pulled onto the bench, JR wins it a minute later.2- Primeau beats the Pens in the marathon game.3- Flyers vs Sens royal rumble. Best game ive ever been too.4- Has not happened yet (but will within the next 4 years).. Flyers win the stanley cup

As a hockey player, I compare to...

Darroll Powe or Lappy.. not the most skilled fella in the world, but i never quit.