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I wrote a blog a few days after the draft, and quite harshly got ridiculed for suggesting that the Leafs would not be after the top-end talent available during yesterday's NHL free agent frenzy. I suggested that Brian Burke, in all his common sense, would realize that now is not the time for the Leafs to sign big, while taking smaller, more rational steps would be the smarter way to go. This i... Read More »

Leafs to be Quiet on Free Agents

Posted June 30, 2009
While the highly anticipated trades, wheelings, and dealings that were expected at the NHL Entry Draft last Friday never materialized, there was a sense that a lot of teams ended up a lot closer to understanding just what they need to do come July 1st, the opening of the NHL's free agency transaction period. Brian Burke, so frustrated at the lack of movement at the prospect's party last Friday... Read More »
There seems to be tons of blogs surrounding the Leafs/GM Brian Burke's pursuit of a higher pick ahead of Friday's NHL Entry Draft - very few of those blogs are actually analyzing the work that Burke has done thus far. With the regular season coming to a close, Burke stated to the mass media that he would do anything and everything in his power to land the Islander's top pick, and in doing so t... Read More »
A good friend of mine, a die-hard Habs fan and a habitual pain in my rear when the Leafs and Canadien play each other in their mammoth hockey clashes, uttered words of shock and horror just moments after he had found out about the Montreal Canadiens firing Carbonneau. If you haven't heard - Guy Carbonneau has been fired by the Montreal Canadiens, with Bob Gainey taking interim coaching responsi... Read More »
That rumble that you have been hearing since last Tuesday, from around 3 pm EST, has been the collective groan of the TANK NATION - those that believe that the Toronto Maple Leafs should be bottoming out in search for one of the top 5 picks in this year's entry draft. Admittedly, membership to the TANK Nation has, of whom Michael "From Buffalo" Augello is mayor and chief, has increased markedl... Read More »


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