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Blogging Hiatus

Posted January 8, 2010
I was recently given an opportunity to blog at another site, so I will not be blogging on this site much, if at all. I will still be by to join in the conversation, but won't be doing much in the way of write ups. However, I would encourage all of you to come by and visit www.thereedreview.com and join in on some conversation there as well. Read More »

What to do with JML

Posted December 31, 2009
John Michael Liles is a player who has shown the ability to consistently achieve 40 point seasons. That is nothing to snuff at by any means. Sacco thinks he can do better, and so do I. We as fans all kind of have this collective feeling that he is worth more than he is putting out. I do however feel that he has a somewhat fragile ego. We could look back at his performance record and see tha... Read More »
[i]OK, first off: I don’t often respond to stupid trade rumors from other hockey “news” blogs – which I realize is a complete redundancy in terms. But please, stop it with these “Duchene and O’Reilly to Atlanta for Kovalchuk” and “O’Reilly and Liles and Wilson and half the Denver Mint for a couple of underachieving Philadelphia Flyers” rumors. Repeat after me: the Avalanche i... Read More »

Let the Log Jam Begin

Posted December 19, 2009
We are seeing a tremendous year of hockey. Tight standings, fun play and a division/conference that is up for grabs. Currently we have three teams that are in a fight for the western conference lead with 47 points apiece, L.A., Chicago, and San Jose. However, Chicago has earned those 47 in just 33 games. Nashville stands alone at 45 points, but stands to move up if they beat Calgary in their ne... Read More »

Flyers/Avs Trade Possibilities

Posted December 16, 2009
First and foremost, this blog is simply to provide a fun conversation as well as enjoying some of the rumors that are going on. It is no secret that the Flyers are struggling, and in the cap era this seems to be the only time that major trades really have any traction. For the most part this also brings about big dealings at the deadline. In relation to the Flyers I have heard there is some... Read More »