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Mason, OH • United States • 39 Years Old • Male


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About Me

Favorite Teams

Red Wings, Lightning are growing on me (as I was local).......

Most Hated Teams

Anyone who's playing the Wings; I would say the Avs, but they're so pathetic I find myself laughing whenever I watch 'em; I hate all the canadian teams (notably EDM, MTL and CGY) + CHI.

Favorite Players

Stevie Y, Mr. Hockey, Fats, Sawchuk, Ted Lindsay, Johnny O, Shanny, Feds, Z, Dats, Homer, Lidstrom, Chelios, Osgood, Clears, Vinny, Ovechkin, Hatcher, very excited about Kronwall's playoff performance, Big Mac, Marty Lapointe, Joe Kocur, Vernie (I thought the trade to SJ was kinda low after what he did), Dino, Ray Sheppard, Bob Probert, Vlad The Impaler, always liked how Aaron Ward played, Slava Kozlov......

Most Hated Players

Scott Stevens; Claude and Mario Lemieux; Cindy, or I mean, Sidney Crosby; Whoresberg; Foote (who's washed up, now); Patrick Wah (loved the Statue Of Liberty play!!!); Corbet; whiny coaches Crawford and that baby, Therrien.

Best Hockey Memories

97 Cup win (brews @ Damon's where we tore that place apart during playoffs) and the 3 Cup wins after that, of course; being in DET for that March 97 game against the AVS - best regular season game EVER!; Big Mac DESTROYING turtling, cowardly Lemieux; Vernon DESTROYING Wah; 97 playoff goal where Marty busts Wah's glove; Big Mac's hat trick against AVS, game 1 02 WCF; McCarty's goal sealing 97 Cup win game 4 against PHI, where he humiliates Niniimaa; Kozlov introducing Foote to the glass in 96 playoffs; Stevie's 2OT goal in game 7 96 against Hull, Gretzky loaded STL; 7-0 BEATDOWN game 7 02 against AVS, where Wah gets mercifully yanked; 4-0 series sweep this year of the AVS; 98 Cups finals game 3 comeback against WAS (Esa Tikkanen missed the open net, lol....)

Favorite Websites

TSN.ca, Hockeybuzz (when I'm not getting account suspended), Spector's site, Kukla, the fourth period, Detroit Free Press, hockeyfights.com