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The knock on the current Sabres from the fanbase has been happening due to the team's record. In prior posts in the Sabres thread, it was brought up how much better they're doing than last season, just to show a year-over-year improvement. I decided to break down the team's record in comparison to not only last year, but also the last time the Sabres were "good The raw numbers will be at the... Read More »

What has changed

Posted March 25, 2013
We're now 15 games into Ron Rolston's time as coach, and I grabbed some numbers to see some form of comparison between he and Ruff's tenure this year. I thought I'd start with goaltending and get a sense of our overall defensive numbers. Let's start with the 2 coaches' records: Ruff: 6-10-1 Rolston: 7-5-3 Rolston started rough, 0-2 start from a lousy team who couldn't even get motivated... Read More »

Inability to control games

Posted February 26, 2013
First off, it's been a while since I've written an article (here or anywhere), so I thought I'd go for it again. Hi to all those I don't get the chance to "chat" with anymore! With that out of the way, I went back to check the box score of all of the games so far this season to check out how the Sabres have been playing from a period-to-period perspective.In looking back at each game, I've tak... Read More »
Since there is a lot of talk on our threads regarding the horrendous play of our D (this and most every season), I thought I'd break down 2 of the biggest offenders on the team who seem to be the goats all the time. Andrej Sekera: 32 Games, 8 Points (2G, 6A), +2, 20 Hits, 46 Blocks, 19:11 TOI/G Marc-Andre Gragnani: 30 Games, 9 Points (1G, 8A), +11, 7 Hits, 20 Blocks, 17:45 TOI/G Let's s... Read More »

Homegrown Sabres, or "buying" wins??

Posted October 19, 2011
So with the off-season signings by Buffalo, the general attacks around Hockeybuzz has been that Buffalo is going the (failed) route of the Rangers and other teams and is trying to "buy themselves a title". I decided to look into the team to prove how inaccurate that accusation is. Of the 20 players who have played for Buffalo this season, 14 of these players were drafted by the Sabres.... Read More »


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