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During the lockout, NHL pundits often pointed to the NFL as having a salary cap system that works. The difference between the NFL and NHL is that NFL contracts are not guaranteed. If you sign an NFL player to a five year deal, and they stink in the first year, they can be cut. The NFL team is only on the hook for any guaranteed/bonus money that was already paid out. This counts against the NFL... Read More »
Article concerning Emery is posted on [url]www.tsn.ca[/url]. The highlight of the article is that Ray Emery will be out for 2-3 months while rehabilitating his injury. This will cause two interesting wrinkles for Bryan Murray. 1. What to do with Martin Gerber 2. How this affects Ray Emery's contract status On the first issue, if Bryan Murray can trade Martin Gerber at any point, he mu... Read More »


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