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"Fear and loathing in Leafs Nation"
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Fehr: The Perfect Tonic?

Posted August 30, 2010
After months of political manoeuvring and speculation… and pending ratification, Donald Fehr appears primed to formally take office as the Executive Director of the NHLPA with the Ilya Kovalchuk saga providing an appropriate backdrop. Despite having earlier dismissed himself as a candidate for the role, the former MLBPA hardliner is now expected to spearhead the players union through the next se... Read More »
[b]*Warning: More analysis and opinion concerning the Kovalchuk decision. For those who want to talk hockey, as opposed to the now perpetual indiscretions of the league office etc. Don't read.[/b] When Richard Bloch decided to rule in the favour of the NHL in the case of Ilya Kovalchuk and the ridiculous contract, he set in place a new precedent that the league hope will stem the flow of cap-c... Read More »

No Pity for the Hawks Tallon Built

Posted August 5, 2010
As the systemic dismantling of this summer’s Stanley Cup champions continues in earnest, league watchers are crying foul. Where detractors of the current, hard revenue based cap once denounced the communistic, unilateral sharing of league revenue as the prime illustration of illogic in the CBA (alongside the long-long term contract loopholes), Monday’s exit of Antti Niemi from the Chicago Blac... Read More »

The Intangibles of Jiggy

Posted July 30, 2010
Since joining the Toronto Maple Leafs, Brian Burke has worked feverishly to distance the club from the atmosphere of mediocrity which pervaded during the years of mismanagement that came before. While upgrading the playing staff and reducing the age demographic of the locker room are the two most apparent hallmarks Burke has placed upon the Leafs, his backstage upgrading of the administrative,... Read More »

The NHLPA Prepare for Battle

Posted July 24, 2010
If leaked reports are to be believed the NHLPA is preparing to file a grievance pertaining to the NHL’s rejection of the unprecedented 17 year, $102 million contract filed last week by the New Jersey Devils for Russian forward Ilya Kovalchuk. The report suggests that even if the Devils and Kovalchuk can agree on a restructured deal, the NHLPA may still decide to file a grievance in a preventativ... Read More »


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About Me

Favorite Teams

The Maple Leafs, Cardiff Devils, Solihull Barons, Team GB (World ranking 29th) and also Aston Villa

Most Hated Teams

Sunbelt teams that can't fill their arenas, Minnesota Wild beacuse they play such god awful hockey, New Jersey for benching Brodeur against the Islanders (more Lou Lamoriello) and of course the Canadiens.

Favorite Players

Steve Thomas, Byron Dafoe, Kevin Brown (he played about 70 games in the NHL for LA, Hartford, Carolina and Edmonton and was born in the same city as me) Peter Worrell (Where are you now?) Theo Fleury, Martin Brodeur, Alex Ovechkin, Darcy Tucker, Owen Nolan, Scottie Upshall, Anson Carter, Richard Park, Ken Klee, Dan Corvo, George Parros, Dion Phaneuf, Aaron Voros, Kevin Weekes, Dominik Hasek, Mark Bell, Anton Volchenkov, Phil Kessel, Brian Gionta, Jared Boll, Rick Nash and Matin St. Louis.

Most Hated Players

Ryan Hollweg, Chris Simon, Cam Janssen, Sean Avery and anybody who dives, get it out of the game.

Best Hockey Memories

Watching the Maple Leafs defeat the Canadiens 6-5 for what looked like the final playoff spot in 06-07' only to see the Devils give the game to the Islanders the next day, benching Brodeur.The Leafs defeating the Senators and making it to the confrence finals in 2002.

My Hockey Teams

I was not much of a player.

As a hockey player, I compare to...

A small child trying to create a snow angel.