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How good of an NHL player will he be? Who knows but I'm sick and tired of people looking looking at www.hockeysfuture.com or www.russianprospects.com to find scouting reports that are 3 years old thinking that thats all the player could offer. I believe a year a go Anton Stralman was listed as i believe a 6.0 B or C which is a bottom pairing being the ceiling of his potential. Now for those of you... Read More »
So now that all the leaf fans have finally accepting a rebuilding project we should do it right because this is a rare occurrence and it is unlikely that we will get this opportunity in the near future. I'd like to say I agree with most of Fletcher's moves so far. He has added grit and it is pretty obvious the prototypical hockey player he is looking for. Yes Wellwood was young and could poss... Read More »


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