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THN recently came out with theirs , so I thought I would do my own as well . Except that sinne I lack telepathic ability , I will give a range as to where I think a team can land. From their highest to their lowest. So lets' get the ball rolling. . Atlanta Thrashers 6th-15th The Thrashers seem to be rallying a bit. Bringing in support for lone super star Ilya Kovalchuk . With the addition... Read More »

Tampa Bay Doing It Right

Posted July 10, 2009
Having ended the first seaso nof their glorious control of the Tampa Lightning , in nothing but inglorious failure . Koules and Barrie have it appears seen the light in how to rectify the many failings of thier team . In the 07-08 offseason , the then brand new Lightning owners , decided upon a hands on approach to hockey , and sought to buy up or trade for every possible type of offensive... Read More »
Well the dust has settled , and the once cloudy future of the Montreal Canadiens has become a bit clearer. With the clarity though comes a none to welcome sight . The Montreal Canadiens , after years of conservative spending , have for once spent to much . With the handing out of several large contracts, the most notable being the 5 year 25 million dollar contract to Gionta and Mike Cammellar... Read More »

A penny for Penner's thoughts?

Posted February 16, 2009
Well he is doing it again . Dustin Penner is back to playing the up-tempo physical game that first made Kevin Lowe to offer him that ridiculous offer sheet 2 years ago.Penner seems to always thrive at the end of the season.Last year in the 07-08 season, Penner played poorly for the first half of the season until just after half point ; where it seemed a fire had been lit under him and he went on... Read More »

Hiller Or Giguere?

Posted January 30, 2009
Anaheim is in an awkward spot. Their former undisputed number one starter is struggling . Giguere this year in 31 games has posted a 12-12-6 record with 3.08GAA and .904% . A severe drop from his numbers last year. Which has led to the emergence of once back up goalie Jonas Hiller to split the time with Giguere. Hiller this season sits at in 26 games playyed a 12-10-5 record with a 2.14GAA an... Read More »


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