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Who is the NHLs Best Player?

Posted January 21, 2009
Jesse Connolly's recent article, entitled "Why Alex Ovechkin Will Never Be the Face of the NHL" really got me pondering this question again, as I have so many times in my life. There has always been a player regarded as the face of the NHL, and that player was generally recognized as the best in the league at that time: Players like Richard, Howe, Orr, Gretzky and Lemieux were all regarded as the... Read More »

A Little Perspective, Please

Posted January 10, 2009
As of January 10, 2009 the Toronto Maple Leafs are in familiar territory- no mans land. Yknow that place in the standings where you are a ladder rung or 2 away from a playoff spot, but clearly not inept enough to be banking on a lottery pick in the draft. There is, at least a shred of understanding on my part for those who in the past three seasons felt that this was the worst place the team c... Read More »

The Art of Throwing a Season

Posted December 22, 2008
Since the lockout, the NHL has both enacted and endured many changes. One of the most intriguing, and certainly the most disturbing is one that has overcome many members of the media who make a living covering the NHL. According to many card-carrying members of the hockey-media, post lockout teams should be more than willing to throw entire seasons and lose "on-purpose" to garner higher draft p... Read More »


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