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This is going to be a test. A test of loyalty. A test of commitment. And a test of dedication. Since the Bolts were first born here in Tampa Florida, they have always been the second sports team in town. Now with the emergence of the Rays and their fairytale rise to the top, and the success of the South Florida Bulls Football team in a college football crazed state, the Lightning find themselves,... Read More »

Haven't Seen Stamkos? Heres Why Not.

Posted October 12, 2008
So you tuned in to see Stamkos and he only plays 6 minutes, huh? Well, this is why: I hate to admit it, but he looks a little scared out there. Maybe not scared, but timid. You cant always have the puck in open ice, flying through the neutral zone. He hasn't won battles against the boards, he makes nervous decisions with the puck in his own end, he gets knocked off the puck way too easily, and... Read More »


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