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Top 5 NHL Organizations

Posted August 4, 2008
I wanted to take a little break from reading about Sundin, and all the other NHL rumors and talk about what I think are the best NHL teams. These rankings are based on a number of different things, such as the fans, current team’s success, past success, future, and the organization as a whole. Hope you enjoy....and agree. [b]Number 5: [b]Chicago Blackhawks[/b][/b] I hate being in the east... Read More »

In Sather I trust

Posted July 21, 2008
As I was wasting more of my life on YouTube today I decided to watch one of the Rangers top, if not the top, prospect Alexei Cherepanov, aka the Siberian Express. Here's the link if you’re interested http://youtube.com/watch?v=KeanH3tLnoM. At one point in this video an analyst mentioned that the Rangers had already stitched Cherepanov in the back of the jersey. Now I'm not one to debate Sathe... Read More »


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